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Science Based Dog Training

It’s a way to shape your Dog behaviors you want through a consistent, conditioned marker.

What is Brain Training For Dogs ?

The fact that Brain Training 4 Dogs is a force-free method of training is both the most significant aspect and the aspect I liked the most. Your dog doesn't need to be coerced or injured in any way. As the Name Indicates, "Brain Training."

Before purchasing this course, I used to believe that training dogs required exerting some sort of dominance over them or compelling them to act in a certain way in order to avoid punishment. I didn't want to train my dog because of this, stupid me.

Dogs experience increased thinking capacity and intelligence as a result of force-free training and positive reinforcement. I paid $60 for Adrienne Farricelli's course, but you can now get it for less money by clicking the link.

How does Brain Training for Dogs Work?

This programme is all about building a bond of trust between you and your dog before you start the training phase. Depending on how you begin teaching him, yes. As I previously stated, initially you must be patient, and over time you will notice changes in your dog's behaviour that will prove that all your effort and time were worthwhile.

Therefore, you must first earn your dog's trust before you can start rewarding him with treats and compliments or affection when he follows your instructions. Your dog will feel motivated and work harder the next time if you continue to praise and show love to him as he completes a task.

This course teaches you how to accomplish all of this. To gradually train your dog to obey your commands, start by earning his or her trust. Then, gradually and smoothly transition from simple tasks to more challenging ones.

In her book Brain Training for Dogs, Adrienne Farricelli debunked the myth that older dogs can't pick up new tricks. She demonstrated some novel methods and techniques for training senior dogs for us. (As I did with Heidi)

I think the techniques taught by brain training for dogs expert Adrienne Farricelli are the best in the world. You'll be mesmerised by her charming personality, and I imagine dogs are too because they follow her. Click here to view her video.
adrienne farricelli

why Brain Training is so effective?

    For many dog owners dealing with various issues, Braintrainingfordogs has been successful. It has aided in solving a variety of problems, from brain-training puppies to curbing annoying behaviour. Once they are resolved, the home can become more peaceful for both the dog and the dog owner.

    Instead of relying on a training resource, you might want to consult a specialist if you're dealing with serious problems with your dog, such as extreme aggression or psychological issues.

    As it provides training techniques for handling a variety of these, this course is more suited for owners who are dealing with typical behavioural issues.

    The course's emphasis on owner empowerment is what I found to be most appealing. Their self-confidence in their capacity to manage their dog's behaviour has significantly increased. However, if they had been sent to a dog training facility, they might still have felt insecure about themselves and their ability to deal with inappropriate behaviour.

    Also to my liking, it emphasises the difficulties facing dogs' minds. This both keeps their minds active and teaches them to obey orders.

    With your dog, you can live a calmer, happier life thanks to this course.

    Inside Brain Training For Dogs?

    You can find a few of their unique features below.

    This system aims to mentally revitalise dogs.

    build a strong bond with dogs

    Don't encourage dominance over pets in the name of managing

    Encourage canines to feel good.

    logically and sensibly discuss dog nature

    Investigate the root cause of any abnormal behaviour.

    Structure Of Brain Training For Dogs

    Lessons in dog brain training follow the same format with no variations.

    Modules: Dog Brain Training

    Prior to starting your dog brain training, read the provided materials. These resources assist you in learning the fundamentals of dog training as well as what to anticipate and how to implement the programme.
    Don't skip this module because the Introduction will set you up for success.

    Obedience Training
    Basic obedience lessons come after the introduction. Because Adrienne provides you with multiple training options for many of the lessons, these lessons are simple to understand. Don't give up if your dog doesn't understand you the first time.
    You can decide which method is most effective for teaching your dog. In a few of the modules, you can train with props or items you probably already own if you're doing this programme alone.

    You'll first see the materials you'll need and the main goal you need to accomplish for that particular lesson.

    Module 1 Preschool

    After Obedience, this is the second module in the course and serves as its primary foundation. Your dog learns in preschool how to use his impressive intelligence to become consistently obedient to your commands.
    You will learn these critical abilities in the Preschool module:
    To keep their focus on you, "Target Train" (you can also use "targeting" to teach other tricks, like opening a door for you!). Line 2
    How to build a strong foundation for communication with your dog by teaching it to look directly into your eyes.
    To get your dog to look into your eyes and pay attention to you, start the brain training games for dogs with the "aeroplane game." Line 5

    Trainer's Tip: If you can successfully play the "aeroplane game" to get your dog to make eye contact indoors, just think of the level of attention you can compel outdoors!

    Module 2 Elementary School

    The second module is all about honing your dog's abilities. Here, you'll discover how to train your dog to follow your commands by using his or her senses. This module includes entertaining games like treasure hunt, which appeals to your dog's instincts and dispels boredom (a source of many bad dog behaviour problems). Additionally, this module includes games like the muffin game, which keeps your dog mentally stimulated, and the ball pit game, which helps you manage your dog by channelling his or her energy into play.

    Module 3 High School

    Your dog will learn about patience and impulse control in high school, which follows elementary school. This module includes exercises like "jazz up and settle down," which teaches your dog to calm down quickly after becoming excited, and "the bottle game," which helps to stimulate the mind and includes some brain training exercises for dogs.

    Module 4 University (College)

    Your dog is now in the senior phase of the training programme. It is now time to move on to teaching them all about emotional and impulse control since he or she will already be extremely calm and obedient.
    This level will assist in training your dog to be more confident and resist temptation by playing the games below with him or her:

    Playing "Hide & Seek" with your dog can be entertaining for both of you. It improves the bond between you and is very beneficial for dogs who have problems when left alone.

    Especially when your dog is gazing out the window, "The Look" game is made to stop unwanted barking at other people.
    Your dog's spirit and learning capacity will both be boosted by the enjoyable and hassle-free "Hot & Cold Game."

    Module 5 Graduation

    Here, the dog will acquire highly developed motor skills and intelligence... to comply with commands from owners.
    Discovered inside are:

    Impress friends with your advanced leg-weaving abilities.

    The game "The Serpentines and Spirals" is used to train dogs to follow their owners' directions no matter how erratically they move.

    The "name recognition" game, which trains the dog to recognise toys by their names and improves cognitive function.

    Module 6 Einstein (genius-level training games)

    You must have unlocked your dog's potential for intelligence by this point. Do you not believe that your dog deserves a diploma for his amazing talent?
    But hold on, there's still a step left.

    The final lesson focuses on bringing out the genius in your dog and teaching him some professional techniques. Three things can be done to assist:
    The tidy-up contest
    Ring stackers is a game.
    Try out the piano game.

    With the first skill, your dog will become accustomed to cleaning up after himself when he finishes playing. On the other hand, the ring stacker game simultaneously improves your patience and skill.

    The most thrilling and amazing part, however, is playing the piano.
    On cue, your dog will start playing the piano. Incredible, huh?
    You can now refer to your dog as a "Einstein Canine" once you successfully complete all the modules.
    brain training for dogs adrienne farricelli

    Brain Training for Dogs Bonuses

    You'll have access to 9 training videos as one of the bonuses to teach your dog amusing tricks that can totally steal the show!
    Use these to demonstrate your expertise as a dog trainer and your dog's remarkable intelligence!

    What a boost to your mutual confidence!

    Some of the techniques you'll learn to teach are as follows:

    1. Rollover (Awesome for grooming requirements)
    2. Speak (Excellent for barky dogs!)
    3. Howl
    4. Shake hands
    5. Dance
    6. Take a Bow
    7. Play dead

    The Mastermind of this Brain Training for Dogs

    In the world of pet dogs, Adrienne Farricelli is a well-known name. She is the organization's driving force.

    She is a behaviour consultant and dog trainer who holds the CPDT-KA certification. For more than ten years, she has done an excellent job. It sounds good, doesn't it?

    Recently, she was the subject of features in The USA Today, The Daily Puppy, E-How, and other publications. Additionally, Every Dog magazine and APDT chronicle of the dog both publish her amazing writings on canine behaviour.

    But are you aware of her secrets to Dog Training?

    Because of her philosophy, Farricelli stands out from other people. She is well-known throughout the world for her innovative, force-free approach to training challenging pets and its success.

    In addition to providing dog training, Adrienne Farricelli serves as a consultant for the defence industry. Adrienne acts with kindness and objectivity.

    By giving dogs positive reinforcement, Adrienne Farricelli's brain training for dogs establishes a win-win situation for both pet and owner. There is no reason to doubt her as a result. Without any reservations, you can rely on her.

    Why should you buy the program?

    Easy to follow but effective dog training program
    Given that all the advice and methods are clear and efficient, you should think about purchasing the programme as well. To do what you should do to get the outcomes you want, you don't need to possess advanced knowledge of dog training. Furthermore, you get dog training techniques that have been tried-and-true on the front lines and are known to address behavioural issues in dogs at their source.

    Program is made by a true dog training expert
    Unlike most dog training programs available today, brain training 4 dogs has been made by a certified dog trainer whose credentials and vast experience can be verified.

    Unmatched resources
    The course includes a wealth of additional resources, including modules, that cover every aspect of dog training. The programme includes all the features you require, as well as a private forum where you can interact with other dog owners and gain access to useful information and discussions. Additionally, the programme offers insider tips on dog training that can help you become an authority on the subject.

    Unmatched dog training detail
    When discussing dog training, Adrienne goes into unmatched detail. The majority of dog training issues, if not all of them, are discussed along with their fixes. You will learn how to train your dog in all areas, including aggression, jumping, whining, and chewing. Adrienne has condensed ten years of experience and years of research into one programme, all without wasting any time.

    Force-free dog training
    This program is also 100% force-free. The program doesn’t use old and outdated techniques that rely heavily on force.

    One-on-one support from Adrienne
    The program gives you access to Adrienne if you need a support system or special guidance.

    Verifiable customer reviews
    In addition to being created by a professional, Brain Training has been tried and true by many. There are verifiable reviews supporting the program's effectiveness if you want to learn firsthand experiences with purchasing and using the programme. The programme has thousands of supporters, including well-known pet experts like Dr. J. Coates and Caryl Wolff.

    Affordable price
    Considering the resources you get from this program, and the expertise of the creator alone, the $47 price is affordable. When you consider the cost of hiring a dog trainer to get rid of common dog problems alone, this program is incredibly cheap. A single session with a dog trainer costs over $100 a session. An entire day of dog training can easily cost over a thousand dollars, which many dog owners would gladly pay. Given additional resources like one-on-one access to the creator and a private forum, Brain Training for Dog is a bargain at $47. The program is worth a fortune if all resources are priced accordingly.

    Risk-free purchase
    Despite the programme only costing $47, you have 60 days to try it out for free. You are not required to believe Adrienne or base your choice on client testimonials. You can test out this programme and decide for yourself whether it benefits you or your dog. If not, there are no questions asked and you receive a 100% refund.

    Dedicated support
    You should also buy this program for the great support available 24/7 to address your concerns, questions, etc. You can also email Adrienne anytime for one-on-one support.

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     Brain Training For Dogs FAQs

     What do I get after ordering brain training for dogs program?
    Following the purchase of the programme, you will receive a thorough explanation with illustrations, more than 100 articles, and a list of the materials needed to play games with your dog.
    If you have any additional questions, you can easily connect with Farricelli, other users of this programme, and other users of the programme as well.
    Simply put, you will find everything you need in this programme to train your dog.
     How can I stimulate my dog's brain using this program?
    With this Brain Training for Dogsfree, I'll discuss my own experience. I got the idea to move forward with the process from reviews of Adrienne Farricelli and Brain Training for Dogs. Jim initially took more time to comply with my requests and pay attention to my commands, but the techniques and rewards taught in this course really helped me to train my dog to obey me, and its behaviour has since changed and it has begun to behave politely. With just one command from me, it completely transforms into a calm state, even when it attempts to act rudely. This feels fantastic. Making this choice for my dog makes me very happy. My dog has benefited greatly from the work of Brain Training 4 Dogs.
     Does dogs really love this training method?
    Yes, dogs will love to be trained by masters because the programme includes many activities that are game-related. The programme was developed after extensive research, and Adrienne Farricelli, the author of Brain Training for Dogs, is a professional dog trainer who is CPDT-KA certified and has over ten years of experience working with some of the most challenging and uncooperative canine partners you can imagine.

     Can I train my dog myself?
    If you are familiar with the fundamental concepts covered in a dog training course, you can train your dog on your own. Include games, treats, and other motivational reward systems in addition to a daily challenge for your dog. However, never employ forceful tactics, and make sure the procedure is always enjoyable.
     What is the best age for training a dog?
    The best puppy brain games would be for dogs between the ages of 6 and 12 months for larger dogs and 7 to 8 weeks for young puppies. You can advance their training accordingly based on their behavioural patterns. Start by teaching the fundamental concepts of "sit, fetch, and stay," then move on to more presentable lessons.
     Is the program legit?
    It’s a Yes! Your dog definitely will get rid of bad behavior such as barking or aggression, and you will enjoy how he follows orders to sit, lie down, and walking by your side.
     Can I get my money back if the program doesn't work for my dog?
    Yes, utilise the insider knowledge you learn in this course for the following 60 days. To change your dog's intelligence and behaviour, follow the step-by-step procedure. Send an email to, but only if it doesn't work. Within 7 working days, you will receive your money back.

    Imagine Your New Life With Your Dog

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