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If you lift weights, you're past the age of 30, and while squatting your knees sound like a bowl of rice crispies in milk, this product is for you. Highly recommend as a good preventative measure for avoiding injury.

Mark Robinson, 54 years old, New Hampshire

“I was skeptical at first”
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Shipped promptly and as advertised. I was advised a few years ago to take a glucosamine and chondroitin product along with fish oil for knee pain. I’ve taken biojoint plus ever since. It does help my knees, they’re still not 20 year old knees.

James Devolte, 57 years old, Oklahoma

“Wonderful product!”
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I love this product. I have tried several products for joint pain and this one by far is the best.

Richard Milhouse, 43 years old, Nevada

“Very impressed”
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I'm a senior trying to avoid surgery, esp on my knees. I've had a few mishaps but siince I've been taking these, for several months now, I have much less pain, close to none, and excellent range of motion. I wouldn't be without them. They do have a place to divide the pill in half but so far I can take it with my morning vits, use plenty of water!

Denise Richardson, 62 years old, Wisconsin

“Changed my life”
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I used biojoint plus years ago when having some joint issues and felt it helped but was always a pain to take because the pills are large and you had to take 3 times a day. Also they caused an upset tummy if taken on an empty stomach. Was glad to find this one a day option and with a pill crusher it’s easier to take without upset stomach issues. Have been taking it for 2 weeks or so. Sprained my ankle pretty badly three days ago. Even went for X-rays because I thought I may have broken it. Was sure I’d be laid up for a week or more. The sprain is healing really well and pain has subsided to only needing the occasional Advil. I’m in my early 60’s and had a foot injury on same leg two years ago and it was just finally starting to feel normal so expected a long recovery. Will try to report back in two weeks with an up date.

Nick Daniels, 45 years old, Texas

“Great Product!”
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It is worth the money, when I first found out that my pain in my shoulder was arthritis.I did not want to take the options. I heard a conversation between 2 women about the biojoint plus. Bought some, took a little extra the first day 🤭, OMG, in 3days I could raise my arm over my head no pain, it took care of the pain in my fingers and lower back. It is not for all types of arthritis talk with your doc before taking this med. Make sure you are not allergic to some of the ingredients. This is the best brand. I have tried others. I am real.

Collins Sins, 56 years old, Nevada

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BioJoint Plus comes with a 60 day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. That means if you change your mind about this decision at any point in the next 60 days – all you need to do is contact our US based Customer Service Team at 302-200-3480 or and we will refund your purchase. No questions asked!

The best news? You don’t even have to send the bottles back! You can keep your order, as our gift to you for trying out BioJoint Plus today.


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